2011. október 24., hétfő

Danish Pastries

Before I return to my salon de thé, I made some Danish pastries to subdue my hunger for sweets...
I just imagined it would be a perfect breakfast with a cafe au lait (coffee with milk). So, here are the photos:

See you soon,

2011. október 15., szombat

Happy Birthday Little Princess!

I spent some days on this week with food making. It sounds strangely, but I missed it.... First I just made some apple and pears:

then decided to make something not too fancy, but lovely, so I made a chocolate fountain with ripe strawberries, biscuits and marshmallow. Somehow I was in pink mood and made pink candies and pale pink meringues to upgrade the scene. I plan to sell the chocolate fountain, but probably will keep the second tray with the pink and green plates.

And now, as I don't have any marshmallow, candy or chocolate in my pantry, I think I will eat an apple...
I can tell you it is really-really hard to make yummy and tasty food and eat nothing of it :-( 
See you soon,

Shabby Chic 3

The kitchen cupboards are finally finished :) I made them really worn and old looking and I filled them with food and plates for the photo taking. Though I usually prefer the green to the cream colour, but it this case the cream is my favourite. I hope that you and the customers will like them :)
First the cream coloured cupboard:

And the green one:

2011. október 9., vasárnap

Shabby Chic 2

I finished the pink and blue furniture sets, and just happened again... I like the blue one so much, that I will keep it to myself. I think I will build a roombox with blue and golden walls and cover the floor with very dark brown floorboards.

As you see I couldn't resist and placed some religiuses and St. Honore onto the small pink table. The cream and green kitchen cupboards will be ready by next midweek :)) Aaaand after that I will continue the salon de thé.

See you soon,

Pickles & Preserves

I think I won't repeat this experience in the near future. As always, an idea born somewhere deep inside my head, and I made it... now I have significantly more grey hair than last week....
It seemed easier, but certainly the bottle's opening wasn't wide enough to push the table into the bottle, so I built the legs first and glued it into the bottle, glued the filled basket into the bottle too, then continued it with the tabletop and all the food items. Finally I prepared the cloth which decorate the top. The photos are terrible, but I wasn't able to take a better one. I honestly hope the new owner will like it.

2011. október 4., kedd

Shabby Chic Furniture

I couldn't work as much as I wanted, but fortunately I have something to show you. I decided to make furniture which I can use in my future projects if no one wants to buy them.
I applied several layers of water based paint to get the "real" affect and use some of my favourite colours: muted pale pink, greyish blue with white, verbena green and pale cream (these two will be finished by next week.... I hope so...).
Here are the pale pink cupboard, which is a real treat to a romantic woman, wallpapered with toile de Jouy and baroque patterns, filled with an aged toile de Jouy pillow (same pattern as the paper on the shelves) and a toiletry basket.

I decided to paint a small table which goes well with the cupboard and plan to make a bed and a chair to complete a bedroom interior.

Here comes my personal favourite, the pale greyish blue desk with "marble" top. The door is decorated with wallpaper and the same pattern were repeated inside the drawers.

I made a small table too in matching colour, which is suitable for embroidering or reading.

I think the fake marble top came out quite well.

I hope you like them :) More will come on next week!

See you soon,