2011. június 27., hétfő

Sisi Room

I was away and didn't have opportunity to post, but from now on try to post regularly :)

The Sisi Room was made to my little sister and I wanted to recreate the interior design what Sisi liked so much. Therefore different shades of violet decorate the room, as it was Sisi's favourite flower. The wall covered with dark violet silk and wooden panels with gold decor. I cannot say which was the worse: working with silk or making the floor.... Though it was only a small room, I gave up quite soon counting the pieces of floorboard. I can't imagine to cover a whole dollhouse with this.
The wooden box on the sofa hides the visit cards, there are some cream puffs on the tea table and Sisi's favourite: candied violets in a porcelain bowl. There is writing desk in the opposite corner, with ink holder, stationary, a fancy violet quill and a visit card. An oversized pale lilac marabu feather fan left on one of the chairs. The walls are decorated with paintings of Sisi and the royal family.
I don't need to say that my sister cherish her tiny roombox :)