2011. április 28., csütörtök

Macarons again

I FINISHED!!! I made 200 macarons (400 half macarons) within 4 days and without molds. 200 macarons fit in my palm nicely - it is hard to believe that I spent about 24 hours to make them. I have great plans in my head, and I'm happy that this phase is ready and I can move forward :)
I will come back soon to reveal more!

2011. április 26., kedd

Macarons, macarons and more macarons

I've been an obsessed macaron fan since I watched the Marie Antoinette - The Journey film. I had waited for long months to taste the first macaron, and repeat this "tasting" anytime I have the opportunity. (I can die happily with the taste of a macaron in my mouth...)
We can debate which is the best, I personally vote the Ladurée macarons. I especially like the salted caramel one.
I tasted many macarons in Hungary, but I didn't find any which was at least half as good as the Ladurée ones.
I plan to make my own miniature patissérie, which will be loaded with macaron creations: towers and topiaries and Ispahans, etc., so here are some mini Ladurée beauties wich will decorate my small patissérie.

Real Ladurée macarons
(chocolate, pistacchio, raspberry, lemon, coffee, chocolate and praline)

Raspberry-pistacchio macaron tower

Chocolate-praline-caramel macaron tower

Cake stand with fancy petite fours

"Libertine" cake with a mini St. Honoré cake

2011. április 24., vasárnap

Happy Easter to Everyone!

Happy Easter to everyone with these delicious cupcakes and cookies I made some weeks ago :)

2011. április 22., péntek

It's Time to Start

After 8 long years I decided to start a blog...those who know me know me as Orsi from Hungary.
I met the world of miniatures 9 years ago when I worked in Paris and some months later I started to build my first dollhouse. Later I specialized on miniature food  though I still build roomboxes and dollhouses when I have time to do it and participated on a contest in Hungary between 2006-2009 where my houses won the 1st prize in 3 consecutive years.
I became IGMA Artisan in 2008, got my Craftman with golden diploma degree in 2009 and became IGMA Fellow in 2010.
I will try to write regularly about my newest food items and latest projects. Until that some of my earlier items:

Inn to the Devoted Peasant Girl
my Northern English inn from the 13th century

The kitchen

My IGMA Fellow submission

Ladurée cakes and sweets
from the Marie Antoinette - The Journey film
by Sophia Coppola

Fancy for a sandwich?

You can visit my websites:

You can meet me on the CDHM too (http://www.cdhm.org/)

See you soon,