2011. október 15., szombat

Happy Birthday Little Princess!

I spent some days on this week with food making. It sounds strangely, but I missed it.... First I just made some apple and pears:

then decided to make something not too fancy, but lovely, so I made a chocolate fountain with ripe strawberries, biscuits and marshmallow. Somehow I was in pink mood and made pink candies and pale pink meringues to upgrade the scene. I plan to sell the chocolate fountain, but probably will keep the second tray with the pink and green plates.

And now, as I don't have any marshmallow, candy or chocolate in my pantry, I think I will eat an apple...
I can tell you it is really-really hard to make yummy and tasty food and eat nothing of it :-( 
See you soon,

2 megjegyzés:

  1. The pears are beautiful! I loved the chocolate fountain and all the delicacies on the table!

  2. hi Orsi!! your minis are awesome! have left a comment on cdhm as well, love you chocolate fondue and the marshmallow, follow you now!