2011. július 11., hétfő

Something Posh and Something Homemade

Let me clarify something. I'm not only a miniaturist, who makes miniature food. I love food and eating.... I spend time with looking for recipes in cookbooks, stand in the kitchen and cook either use an old family recipe or try a totally new one found on the internet.
The "Something Posh" is my Chocolate box cake, which is actually more a tower of boxes than a simple chocolate box. I must admit I'm a chocoholic... so it was pretty obvious choice to make a chocolate cake, but I wanted to make something extraordinary... and this was the outcome:

The cake is 3 staggering gift boxes, partially open (except the top one) with loose ribbons. The boxes are chocolate cakes covered with blue marzipan, the top of the boxes are separate unfilled cake layers covered with marzipan too. The partially open bottom layer is decorated with a pale blue sugar layer, which incarnates silk paper, and Belgian chocolate stars and truffles pour from the open box. As blue goes particularly well with silver, I used the tiniest silver beads (if we talk about real cake these are edible sugar beads of course) to decorate the cake with them and used some dark chocolate roses to embellish the feminine line. The cake became a big hit, it was published in the Spanish Miniaturas magazine as well and now it is in a loving home in the U.S.
Something homemade: I'm a "berry-fan" too, I hardly can imagine a summer without ripe strawberries, juicy blackberries and without those fresh and perfect blueberries. So it is a faboulous blueberry-mascarpone cobbler (thanks God and the Italian for the mascarpone and ricotta), simple and yummy. It is perfect for a late summer afternoon indulgence with fresh lemonade or tea if the weather turns colder.

My tiny cobbler on the cookbook's photo:

My newest project I mentioned is on its way, but it will take far more time than I thought, so no photos yet.  I hope it will change by the end of the week. Fingers crossed....

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  1. Hi Orsi! The cake is simply divine ... and miniature cobbler is perfect ... :D

  2. Your cakes are always incredible good! I really love this blue cake!