2011. november 12., szombat

M A Facade

I wish I could post earlier.... but I didn't have any time to deal with miniatures, I did some pre-Christmas clean-up in my flat and put together a lifesize chest of drawers which came from the blue-yellow Swedish shop (aka Ikea). As its total weight is 75 kgs (12 stones) it was a real challenge :)

But finally on this week I finished the stuccos on the salon de thé's facade and happy to post some photos about them. It was annoying to make the tiny grapes, I did not even count how many small balls needed to create them..... 1 stucco has 13 fruits, with 25-30 balls each, so we can count 300 balls per stucco, which is altogether 1200 small balls.... no wonder it took 6 hours to make one...

In the upcoming weeks I will spend my time with building up the back, left and right side and leave the stuccos for a while. And can I tell you something? I won't miss them. Though I'm happy with them it was PIA to make them. Now I'm eagerly waiting to finish the outer walls and paint them to a rich, aged limestone colour.

See you soon,

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  1. The facade is amazing! It was time well spent in the production of small fruits. It's a wonderful job.