2011. szeptember 26., hétfő

Those Stuccos.....

I spent the entire last week with making the stuccos and I'm really tired of it. I didn't want to make a mold, but I really didn't think it is so time consuming to make 8 stuccos.... Worst of it these are only the middle sections, more hard work will come, but now I have to concentrate another project: the 1st Wien Miniature Festival. I have to make some new items (some Halloween items and shabby chic furniture what I like so much). I will post them later, when it will be finished.
So, back to the stuccos: you can ask why 8? There is only 4 windows... Yes, on the front. But I decided to repeat the pattern on the back too. I can't just make a simple wall, the French architecture is far more sophisticated than that, so I wanted something extra. Here are some photos about them:

The window frames are almost completely ready 

Certainly this is not the final colour, I made them from clay and will paint it to limestone colour. 

I will be back soon with some Halloween and shabby chic item :)
Have a nice autumn,

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  1. Fantastic!
    Each time you show a new stage of your project, I'm curious to see more. :)