2011. szeptember 6., kedd

Limestone Corridor

Finally I finished the limestone painting and moved on to the wallpaper doors. It took the whole weekend to finish the painting and the stairs which will lead to the roof.

3 "wallpaper" doors will be in the salon de thé, one will lead from the salon to the kitchen through the above mentioned limestone corridor and 2 will lead to the restrooms. Actually these are called "wallpaper doors" in Hungarian. These are the doors which look like the wall itself and can be recognized only when we are close enough. Certainly this is still unpainted. It will be simple white on the corridor's side and fancy on the salon's side.

I have a "wallpaper door" in my own apartment too, as the bathroom was created in the '70s and the door is not a regular one. Beside this there are two holes on the door as the heating system is installed in the bathroom (it uses gas, therefore the holes are mandatory). I painted the door like the wall itself (yes, it is painted, only the separating line was made of wallpaper border).

I hope you like it :)

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