2011. szeptember 15., csütörtök


I partially finished the facade. Partially, because the worst part will come now: preparing the stucco decor and the four windows. I spent the last 10 days with building up the different layers of wood and cardboard onto the surface. The photo shows the bigger part (the front is divided into a smaller and a bigger part, as it is 78 cm long and it would be risky to open) with the balsa layers.

Probably now you think that the balsa is too soft to use in this kind of project and you are right. But this time I used a new solution called liquid wood. I used a Hungarian brand and it came out really  well. I applied it in two layers (0,2 mm thick/layer) which gave sturdiness to the balsa. With this product I could spare the several layers of gesso and was far more easier to sand than the gesso to get a smooth surface. But you must wear face mask and glasses during the sanding, as it has very fine powder.
I built up several layers of cardboard and wood but more to come before I will be able to move to the stuccos:

You see the marks and lines on this photo, where I will glue more cardboard decoration to simulate limestone.
Over all I'm so happy with the liquid wood that I will use it when I will need tackle, uneven wall in the future as without sanding it is perfect for this purpose too. It is definitely cheaper than gesso and thick enough to work with a painter's knife instead of brush.

See you soon,

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