2011. szeptember 19., hétfő

Facade Part 2.

This was a long weekend what I spent with hard work. The progress is very slow, as it takes quite a long time to cut the cardboard, saw and sand the wood and balsa. I was able to cut and glue all the cardboard "limestone" decor and wood+balsa+cardboard railing. Today I can start the stucco part with 4 women heads and tonnes of grapes and leaves.
Here are some photos about the current state:
1. How I put the cardboard to imitate limestone

2. All the "cardboard - limestones are glued to the front

3. Look into the future
(I'm quite impatient person and wanted to see how it will look like....)

4. One section of the front is painted with the first layer of gesso

5. Front without stucco

6. It will look something like this

See you soon,

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