2011. augusztus 31., szerda

Painted Limestone and More Spy Photos

I spent most of the weekend with gluing together the base walls of the salon de thé, then making holes and channels to the electric wires. Pretty dull activity, I can tell you... then I moved forward to painting the back corridor, what will be limestone. Usually in baroque castles the back corridors and other "service rooms" were covered only limestone, so I decided to paint an aged wall with wet parts at the bottom. It took days, but it was a suitable practice before I start to work on the outer walls. Before I started to paint the wall I tried to look into the future and see how it will look like when it will be finished.
So, here are some spy photos I made using only the shell as background:

The not-so-attractive wall:

Finally the limestone corridor in Petit Trianon (I used this as reference)

See you next week,

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