2011. július 4., hétfő

Something Salty

After several posts on sweets I decided to write about salty food today. I'm not a meaty person, eat far more cheese and veggies than meat, so here are some cheese-veggies-fruits combo.
I think France has the widest variety of cheeses, mild or sharp flavours, amazing taste.... is there anyone out there who doesn't know at least one French cheese?
Here is a collection with some wine, nuts, grapes and crackers and European cheeses. The cheeses are clockwise from the olives: Brie de Meaux, St. Nectaire, Tomme,  Emmentaler, mild Roquefort and Langres.

Another ultimate favourite of mine: Italian Caprese from juicy, ripe tomatoes, fresh mozzarella cheese, extra virgin olive oil and basil/oregano.

A healthy snack for hot summer evenings: cheese dips with olives, tortilla chips and fresh vegetables (carrots, cucumber, English celery).

Those ones who have a sweet tooth finally I present the dessert: strawberry pies with luscious strawberries and fresh whipped cream. If you are thirsty, I can offer fresh lemonade too :-)

Second serving anyone?
In the meantime I work on my secret project, I hope I will be able to reveal more within some weeks.
See you soon :-)

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  1. I just found your blog and really enjoyed it. Congratulations! Your miniatures are amazing...