2011. július 16., szombat

Secrets Revealed

As I promised, now I post some photos about my newest project.... or at least a part of it:

This will be the counter of my Salon de Thé (Tea room). It was inspired by Versailles, Petit Trianon, Marie Antoinette and the famous French confectionary Ladurée. The counter is white marble with antique gold ornaments, and it took more than two weeks to put together. The base is simple wood covered with several layers of gesso (sanded accurately after every layer) and white paint. Making the marble effect took long days, but I think it worth. The whole floor will be covered with marble in the tea room, so I try do not imagine how long will it take to make....This is how it started:

The cakes are not the final ones (not all of them), I have to make more French pastries to fill in the counter, though the pink "Libertine cakes" were made to this project.
From now on I will post photos about the improvement on a regular basis.
I hope you will enjoy this little journey.
See you soon,

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