2011. július 22., péntek

Gilded Chest

This chest will be a part of my Salon de Thé project too, actually we will see it when we open the door of the powder room.  I thought a lot about the colour, then with a sudden decision I painted it antique gold and used oil paint to give some antique charm to it. The top is pink marble, painted by me. The walls will be covered with white-pink toile wallpaper.

As finally we are blessed with cooler weather I will make food during the weekend (maybe some pastries to the salon de thé), so more photos will come on next week.

See you soon,

2 megjegyzés:

  1. I really liked the chest, it's beautiful! I'm anxious for the next photo. : D

  2. Thanks Eliana :)
    I bought the chest 6 years ago and it sat on a shelf waited for the muse....Now I realized that the best colour is gold. I changed the original knobs, what I didn't like at all and use the ones I made from jewellery fittings.