2011. december 9., péntek

RL - Advent Preparation

This is a totally different post, because it is about real life and not about miniatures.
As the Christmas' approaching I try to switch the home into "Festive Mood". I am not the person who puts pine and yew branches everywhere, I usually use scents intstead of them. This year I found a new Greenleaf scent, called Merry Christmas, it mixes cinnamon and cloves basically and it reminds me the granny's kitchen and gingerbread. I hide 1-1 bag in the kitchen, the hallway and the living room, put some yew branches into a simple bucket and made a pretty decoration from planting pots, crystal, moss and pine cones. I usually use glass, crystal and silver ornaments, as they reflect the sunshine and snow perfectly and look like ice.

Beside them my two cactuses surprised my some weeks ago, when I wanted to remove them from their current spot from the window and found out that they are full with buds. I got them in spring and they were on sale because looked very weak and unhealthy, so I was really amazed when I counted 60 buds on them. It seems they like their current place extremely as they started to grow during the summer.

I am far from perfect gardener, I have to tell you, but like to take care of my plants, especially about my orchids, therefore the other surprise was my zygopetalum orchid which is now in full bloom (it shares the place with the cactuses... maybe it is a magical spot.. according to the feng shui, that is the love corner of the living room). Now every orchid has tiny new buds, they will be in bloom in January-February I suggest.

I will be back soon with miniatures.
Have a nice weekend,

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  1. Looks like you will have some pretty blooms for Christmas!

    Take care,