2011. augusztus 23., kedd

My "Eco" project - Blackberry Bush Garden Cottage

Ok, I moved on to salty things, but there is no photo yet, so I decided to write about my eco project I built earlier, it is called Blackberry Bush Garden Cottage.
18 months ago I found a plastic bucket, which originally was a detergent container and my neighbour threw it away. I thought about build something from leftover materials and keep the budget really low. This plastic bucket became the base of the cottage. A leftover piece of wood served as baseboard, bamboo placemats did good job as wall covering both inside and outside, the windows were made of an old child-safe picture frame's fake glass (plastic). An unused Ikea birch blind became the roof (it was a hard work to cut it into pieces....). I used some ceiling decoration material to make the box in the garden, the soil is a mixture of grinded tea leaves (boiled and dried first) and lavender flowers. The flowers were made of silk paper and paper coated wire. I made the wrought iron chairs and table (thanks to my former teacher, Alan Hamer). All I had to buy was a bottle of paint and some air drying clay to make the stones outside and the floor inside. So altogether I spent less than 20 pounds to make a cottage with a garden and noone can tell it was made out of scrap I "collected" during the years :)

Flowerbed before flocking

The garden

Someone prepares to paint the garden chair

Rear view

The finished garden

Inside view

The blackberry bush in the back garden

It started with a bucket...

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