2011. május 1., vasárnap

Macaron Towers and Topiaries

After I spent days with making the needed amount of macarons, I made two macaron towers and two topiaries on the weekend. The original topiaries were made by the Ladurée, but I added my own ideas to it, and decorated them with tiny leaves and used greens and pink/deep purple to incarnate little trees. If I will have time to make 70 more macarons, I will make a little "orange tree" too.
So, here are the photos:

200 macarons in bowls
(clockvise from the pink: rose, green apple, blackcurrant,
pistachio and liquorice)

Pistachio-blackcurrent macaron tower
(contains 66 macarons and 9 roses)

Rose-liquorice macaron tower
(contains 67 macarons and 10 roses)

Macaron topiaries
(blackcurrant-green apple-pistachio on the left
green apple-rose on the right)

The bottom of the topiary is a simple cake, the top is covered with marzipan, the side is covered with boudoir biscuits to simbolize the wooden planting pot, the topiary is a large "empty" ball, decorated with macarons and leaves.
Tomorrow I move on to salty things....perhaps ;)

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