2011. november 27., vasárnap

Further Improvements

I wasn't lost :) just spent my days with pretty hard work during the last 3 weeks and now I can show you the latest improvements of my salon de thé. Until this I worked only on the flat walls, as the front facade will be joined to the "body" later with hinges. Working on the back wall was totally different experience and now I realized how big house this will be....
During the last weeks I worked on the back and side walls. As I mentioned earlier the back wall will get the same design as the front facade. I built it from cardboard and balsa and I have my 2 cents again: if you worked with balsa, I'm sure you realized how hard to glue the balsa to any other material, as it starts to curve at the moment the glue meets its surface. This time I didn't want to go through on this nightmare again and decided to varnish the balsa first with waterbased varnish originally used on wooden furniture. And IT DID THE TRICK!!! The balsa became sturdier and I could cut it and glued very easy. My last tasks on the outside before I will start the painting is making the decorative railings and the stuccos on the back wall. I hope I can start the painting procedure before Christmas. Fingers crossed. Probably I will do it between baking cookies or preparing some Christmas stuff.

Back wall - cardboard and balsa cut and glued

Covered with liquid wood and painted with gesso

See you soon,
have a great week,

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