2011. április 26., kedd

Macarons, macarons and more macarons

I've been an obsessed macaron fan since I watched the Marie Antoinette - The Journey film. I had waited for long months to taste the first macaron, and repeat this "tasting" anytime I have the opportunity. (I can die happily with the taste of a macaron in my mouth...)
We can debate which is the best, I personally vote the Ladurée macarons. I especially like the salted caramel one.
I tasted many macarons in Hungary, but I didn't find any which was at least half as good as the Ladurée ones.
I plan to make my own miniature patissérie, which will be loaded with macaron creations: towers and topiaries and Ispahans, etc., so here are some mini Ladurée beauties wich will decorate my small patissérie.

Real Ladurée macarons
(chocolate, pistacchio, raspberry, lemon, coffee, chocolate and praline)

Raspberry-pistacchio macaron tower

Chocolate-praline-caramel macaron tower

Cake stand with fancy petite fours

"Libertine" cake with a mini St. Honoré cake

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  1. Orsi your blog is so nice! And these french goodies looks amazing! I also love macaroons but unfortunately we don´t have any good salesman's of macaroons in Sweden :( .. but I wish to travel to Paris some day and buy them there. Your macaroon towers are so beautiful!

  2. Thank you Hanna :) I just finished 200 macarons (400 half macarons) an hour ago, it took me days to make, so it would be great to eat some real ones...
    There are two Ladurées in London too (at Harrods and at the Burlington Arcade), but as London is not in Sweden, I understand you completely :((
    I tasted 4-5 different confectioneries' macarons in Budapest, but they were far-far away from the French one both in taste and in freshness :((