2011. április 22., péntek

It's Time to Start

After 8 long years I decided to start a blog...those who know me know me as Orsi from Hungary.
I met the world of miniatures 9 years ago when I worked in Paris and some months later I started to build my first dollhouse. Later I specialized on miniature food  though I still build roomboxes and dollhouses when I have time to do it and participated on a contest in Hungary between 2006-2009 where my houses won the 1st prize in 3 consecutive years.
I became IGMA Artisan in 2008, got my Craftman with golden diploma degree in 2009 and became IGMA Fellow in 2010.
I will try to write regularly about my newest food items and latest projects. Until that some of my earlier items:

Inn to the Devoted Peasant Girl
my Northern English inn from the 13th century

The kitchen

My IGMA Fellow submission

Ladurée cakes and sweets
from the Marie Antoinette - The Journey film
by Sophia Coppola

Fancy for a sandwich?

You can visit my websites:

You can meet me on the CDHM too (http://www.cdhm.org/)

See you soon,

2 megjegyzés:

  1. Congratulations for your first blog post ever. :))

  2. Orsi, I am so happy to see that you have a blog now and have joined in on your fun!! I just read your comment on CDHM and came right over to see. You will have to visit mine too because I am having a giveaway right now to celebrate my first year blogging!
    I look forward to seeing all of your posts!!